Netball 🏐goals🏐

Netball gets you on your feet, makes you fit and healthy! Netball is a very popular sport around the whole world and players are extreamly focused one the game and the court.

When you play netball  there is 7 positions Wing attack, Wing defence, Centre, Goal attack, Goal defence, Goal keeper, Goal shooter. There can only be 7 people on the court but when a person is off its 8 people in your team, and there is only allowed 2 teams on the court. Netball games are played on a  rectangular court and at the end of both sides there are two rings to shoot.


.No stepping when you catch the ball

.A player can only hold the ball for 3 seconds- held ball

.When defending the player can only be three feet with the ball- obstruction

. The player can not contact the person with the ball- contact

. A player can not go where there not  supposed to go- offside

. The player can’t bounce the ball to them selves- replay

. When you are shooting or defending they can’t hold them selves with the pole as support- free pass to the other team

Melborne vixens


KATHRYN APEL? say what!

Kathryn Apel is a famous Australian author, she lives in Queensland and she was born as a farm girl and she has two children and a husband, She writes poems and her books are called Bully on the bus, This is the mud, On track, Too many friends and fencing with fear.

Kathryn apel visited our school and she was talking about her career and why she wrote these books. She shapes the words in the book to make to make the picture in the story that’s called shape poetry. She visits different schools and tells about her life.

Here is a website about Kathryn apel 



The super super plane blog post!

This week I have been measuring the width, length, height, and area.

My paper plane designs are The Dart and The glider, and I had to get into group.

My prediction is that the best design will be the dart because my friend got 10 metres and I got 12 metres.


Extreamly Beautiful Mandalas!!

Mandalas to PERFECTION ! Mandalas have been around for a very  long time for about 4 centuries.  This week the year fives and I are doing a detailed masterpiece called mandala’s.

Mandala’s are made of millions of grains of powdered, colourful marble and stone, the magnificent piece of art was made by boddhists and it was created in India, Tibet, Nepal,China and Japan.

I learnt to make a lot of detail and make a mandala very bright and colourful and to make sure it’s an even shape.

Homework? NO WAY

Homework is tragic! This week my class and I started a persuasive text. The topic was ‘should we have homework or shouldn’t we have homework?’ I choose… we shouldn’t. I learned how to use more detail like facts, and emotion.

Brave, Bold, and courageous

THE HUMAN RACE! Today everyone in the school watched a play called the human race. The human race was about respect, confidence, persistence, and bulling. I learnt to have more confidence also to be brave and to be safer on social media.

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone today is the last day of the year, I will be doing more blog posts in Term 1, 2017.

Here are some Christmas jokes!

 QUESTION  What does a snowman like to do on the weekend? ANSWER  Chill out

QUESTION  What do you get if you cross a snowman with a shark? ANSWER frost bite

QUESTION How much did santa pay for his sleigh?  ANSWER nothing it was on the house Continue reading

Exciting earthquakey expo


THERE’S AN EARTHQUAKE! Today the whole year four  classes  were doing an science expo, I did this science expo to share my learning. Lots of people came like parents and the year threes. I learnt to make more eye contact and to explain more information. I was more strong when explaining  how earthquakes happen and used an example with the jelly.

I would of done better because I needed to put information on my iPad so it doesn’t have to be all posters.